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Official end of a four year hiatus

Well, you’ve may heard that the Strokes are playing their first gig since october 2006 tonite in London. It was supposed to be a secret show but NME posted an article about it and went crazy. Now some scumbags sell tickets for more than 450£. It’s insane !

Goodbye Venison.

See you later.


Good Shoes

I saw Good Shoes at le Point FMR on wednesday nite and it was one of the best concerts I saw since a long time.

I’ll try to write a more interesting review.

Même pas cap’ de porter une veste ‘cheval ailé’ !

Out of the Blue, again.

Julian played Out of the Blue on monday the 21st on NBC.

The Roots are playing with him and that is what makes a little difference from what we’ve heard before.

Just after the 10th D.

Santa’s sleigh is making its way to the USA.

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Mr.Casablancas covers ‘I Love L.A.’

Best Coast – When I’m With You

I Live on the Frozen Surface of a Fireball

11th Dimension videoclip has never been so close.