How I Met Julian Casablancas

Here is the story of how I was almost the only fan at Julian’s french tv show.

While we were waiting for the show to begin I was asking everybody if they had heard about Julian but nobody knew he was playing… Some people reacted when I said : “He’s from the Strokes, the band, you know…” I felt like I was the only one who came to see him.

I had to wait a long time in some places I could see the drummer (Alex Carapetis) having a smoke in some special room. This guy looks great even if he’s not the kindest of the six.

Then we got in the place where they shoot the show. And again I had to wait a long time before Julian. Actually the show is almost 2 hours long and a lot of things have no interest.

When Julian came onto the stage he was just 2 or 3 meters far from me. I heard he was going to play Out of the Blue and I was just like the happiest guy on earth.

I was sitting right on the left of the stage and he was very close. I was trying to look at him in the eyes but he looked shy and quite stressed. That’s what is great with him : he’s one the greatest stars in the world and he keeps being kind with everyone and he never shows he’s upon everyone.
His presence, without any other element, is just what gives him all his elegance. He was wearing the shoes he wears on this picture and they are gorgeous. He had also his leather jacket that seems to be a sort of homemade version of the one he was wearing during the Is This It period.

I was singing during the whole song and I when it ended I even asked to myself if I wasn’t singing too loud.

It was hard for me to hear what he was saying during the interview but when I heard him say “No” as an answer to the question : “Will the Strokes be back ?” I was terrified.

When he left the studio I shouted : “Julian you’re the best !” and he turned back and thanked me. Again I felt like I was alone with him because anyone had heard about him.

When I left the building I knew where the tour bus was parked so I waited in front of it under the rain for about 30 minutes. Then some roadies came out with some stuff. And I saw the roadie that everyone who went to a Strokes or Albert show must have seen. He’s English and wears a sort of black sleeveless polar sweater. He told that Julian wasn’t going to get on the bus and that I had to go the main entrance. That guy is so nice : I’d like to thank him.
Then I arrived in front of the main entrance where less of a dozen of people were waiting. When they saw me they asked me where I was because everybody on the show had noticed that I was the only one singing. A few minutes later Julian arrived. He had taken off his ‘stage suit’ and his gorgeous boots. He was wearing his classic leather jacket, white pants and his well-known white Nike basketball shoes. Except 3 girls that seemed to be true fans, the others where just asking him to sign some papers and to take some pictures without even congratulating him or saying him how awesome he is.
When Julian saw me, he said : “Oh yeah it was you the guy singing along like a maniac !” It felt awkward because I did not know if he was angry at me or not…

I gave my camera to the guy who’s playing keyboards and guitar (I think it was Nelson Freeman) and he is really, really cool. He took a lot of pictures and when I finally stood beside to Julian to have THE picture, Julian was kidding because Jeff took too many pictures and said : “It’s like we’re on a photo shoot !”

And I had bring the Phrazes for the Young vinyl and he signed it in great way. He drew a little heart and some music notes (a D and a B).


9 Commentaires

  1. Publié 13 décembre 2009 à 12:49 | Permalien | Réponse

    You’re a lucky guy !

  2. redmolecule
    Publié 21 février 2010 à 12:27 | Permalien | Réponse

    Oh man that that seems incredible. When I was reading that I could Imagine what did you feel. Great note.

  3. Publié 17 avril 2010 à 09:33 | Permalien | Réponse

    Chanceux !

  4. Mishal
    Publié 3 mai 2010 à 19:14 | Permalien | Réponse

    That’s really cute, lol. « Oh yeah it was you the guy singing along like a maniac ! » xD I’m glad you met him.

  5. asma
    Publié 30 octobre 2010 à 00:25 | Permalien | Réponse

    That’s a friggin’ brilliant story and an amazing photo man 🙂

  6. Mariana
    Publié 21 décembre 2010 à 15:34 | Permalien | Réponse

    I found a video and I believe that you are there. Check it out.

  7. Ana
    Publié 29 mai 2011 à 19:02 | Permalien | Réponse

    Sooo late, but… Randomly found this entry today during a google search — really cute, touching story, and what an amazing photo! I imagine you’re super happy The Strokes finally *did* come back! Hope you get to see them/him again soon, and hopefully meet him a 2nd time. And thanks for sharing this!

  8. Publié 25 octobre 2011 à 20:45 | Permalien | Réponse

    that’s great! you’re so lucky,and a living proof that Julian isnt the jerk everyone says he is. I hope one day i get to meet him, he is amazing.

  9. samijoy7
    Publié 22 juillet 2012 à 03:03 | Permalien | Réponse

    How did you follow where Julian was going to make appearances?

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